Falling by Design - Valia Lind



Brooklynn Summers has a plan for her life: graduate from high school, get into a top fashion school, prove to her family that she’s not a failure. She wishes someone in her life understood her need to create because her parents sure don’t support her dreams, her sister hates her, and the deadlines are soon approaching.


Enter Grayson Banks.


There are a few things in life Brooklynn can’t stand: mismatched patterns, cheap polyester, and Grayson. No boy has ever publicly humiliated Brooklynn like Grayson has. When he suddenly moved away in eighth grade, Brooklynn happily wished him good riddance. But on the first day of senior year, Grayson comes back, with his piercing blue eyes and a smile that melts icebergs, he is not exactly the boy Brooklynn remembers. She quickly realises that Grayson’s intentions have completely shifted, but she’s not sure if she can put their past behind her.




So, I got this story on my kindle for either really cheap or free. I was expecting a cute, cliché romance where the girl falls in love with the boy who used to bully her. For the most part, this was the plot.


What pulled me into reading this story was the fact that Brooklyn was a aspiring fashion designer and that her parents didn't accept this future career. One of the things I would hope to be when I'm a little older is a fashion designer. I love designing clothes. And also, my parents (well more one parent), doesn't accept this, and doesn't think it is a job that I would be able to handle.


I hated the way her parents didn't like this career or the fact that her sister was very cold and distant towards her. She acted like she hated her.

Throughout the book, Brook battles with her feelings for Grayson. She won't let any feeling for Grayson blooms because she still thinks he is the bully he once was. No matter how many times he tries to convince her, tries to change her opinion of him, she just won't budge.


I did like both main characters. Grayson more than Brook. Brook, at times, I found annoying because of the fact that she kept pushing Grayson away, although you could see he was sincere. I love Grayson's determination. He kept pushing and pushing to get Brook to accept her feelings.


I also like her best friends too.


At the beginning of each chapter, there are little quotes, I enjoyed them. Some were funny too.


All in all, this book was enjoyable. The thing that most annoyed me though was the ending. It felt too rushed. I think the problem should have been resolved either a couple chapters earlier or there should have been a couple extra chapters.


Great story for the author's debut YA.


I only realised that there was a second book in the series and I got so excited. I clicked onto it, hoping that it was a continuation of Brook and Grayson's story, but it wasn't. It's about their best friends, Chance and Dakota. Loved these characters so I'll probably like their story too. There'll also probably be a bit of Grayson and Brook, although it's not centred around them.


Hoping to pick up Chance and Dakota's story soon.