He's After Me - Chris Higgins

This is going to be short for the fact that I hated this book.


This story is about a girl who meets a guy. She keeps seeing him around and then they finally speak. She falls in love.


Her friends don't seem to like him, but her mother and sister love him. She goes around town vandalising things with him and being a rebel, and not finding anything wrong with it.


This story goes through this, things happening, it's his fault, she doesn't notice. Pretty much sums it up.


The first thing about this book that annoyed me was the chapters. They were just way too short. I don't really like long chapters anyway because I like to finish on a new chapter but these were beyond short.


The second; the main character. I didn't like her. She was just too annoying. And I hated the way that she was warned about the guy, Jem, but yet she ignored the warnings.


I for one, would be totally creeped out if I kept seeing the same guy around. But now, she didn't see anything wrong with it.


She was going around vandalising the city with him, and didn't see any problem with it.


Stuff from her father's place was stolen. 'Nope, couldn't be Jem. He wouldn't do that.' They were the only two in the apartment! This book bloody infuriated me!


Her friends didn't like Jem. He also dissed her friends. Again, she didn't see anything wrong. She was just so stupid!


After finally realising how messed up Jem was, her sister didn't believe anything was wrong with him. Then she left with him and ended up dead. What a great ending. (Note the sarcasm.)


For this horrendous story, I give it one star.


Even though I hated it, I read the whole story. It was suspenseful. I only kept reading to see if she got her head out of her ass and realised the psychopath that was her boyfriend.