Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake

Also written ages ago.



Anna Dressed in Blood is the first instalment in the Anna series written by Kendare Blake. This book is one that will make you want to sleep with the lights on because it has teeth and is a scary as hell. It will catch all of your emotions - happiness, fear, hatred, love and it will even break your heart. Prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster.

This book is set mainly in Ontario, Canada and follows Cas Lowood- Just your average ghost hunter. He and his mom set off to Ontario after an anonymous tip about Anna.
Anna dressed in blood.
Anna is a beautiful, murderous ghost caught up with rage and a curse.
Cas is the only one who can destroy her but as her tragic past is revealed, he starts to understand why she's killed everyone who's ever set foot in her creepy house.
Everyone except Cas.
Why would she spare his life?
What makes him so special?
I really liked the characters in this book. Anna is insecure towards Cas but bravely ferocious towards anyone else. She's herself when she's around Cas and through all that time she almost feels normal.
Cas never lets himself get close to anyone because once he's killed the ghost in their town he's gone, but yet he let's himself get closer, and begins falling head over heels, for Anna.
I think the relationship between Cas and Anna is quite believable, because to Cas, Anna seems almost normal. She feels that she can be herself around him.
I think this book has good suspense - you are always wondering what's going to happen, always second guessing your ideas.
I was surprised, even a little annoyed, by the ending but it was still a great read. All in all, I'd give it a 4/5. This is for the fact that the book wasn't too long, there wasn't a dull moment, it freaked me out so much and also, the romance was cute. Who doesn't love a bit of romance?
I would recommend this book to teenagers but definitely not younger readers. Maybe, aged 13+. Anyone who likes a good scare will love this book as well as any readers who love a bit of romance.
If you liked this book make sure to check out the second instalment, Girl of Nightmares.